Icons Description



Manufacturer Company

Computers Country

Desktop Computer, keyboard, CPU and monitor detached

Computers with monitor and CPU in the same box, keyboard detached

Portatil / Portable Computer

Console type Computer, keyboard and CPU in the same box, monitor or TV detached

Introduction and Discontinued Date, and any other Date

Phisical Computers measure

Phisical Computer weight

Principal Processor

Co-processors and aditionals chips


Graphical resolution and specific chip


Sound, voices, octaves, bits and specific chip

Keyboard, number of keys and quality

Mouse, conexion type

Hard Disk, conexion type and capacity

3,5 Inchs Floppy Disk and capacity

5,25 inchs Floppy Disk and capacity

3 Inchs Floppy Disk and capacity

Audio cassette data store and bauds rate

Computer interfaces

Operative System

Other Computer features

Originals Peripherals and expansion boards

Original Computer Price and date


CD-Rom, conexion type and speed

3,5 inchs disk drive



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