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Lisa 1


Technical characteristics

Apple Computer Incorporated
United States
1.983 1.984
??? x ??? x ??? mm.
?? Kgr.
Motorola 68000 @ ? Mhz. 16 bits
ROM 16 Kb.
RAM 1 Mb.

720 x 364


Basic BEEP without specific hardware
73 keys professional type. Very Good
  Standard mouse with one button
2 x 860 Kb. Profile 5 Mb. (external, six disks maximun)
Keyboard, mouse and printer
  Lisa DOS
  Profile hard disk, printers (dot matrix and daisy wheel
  12" monocrome monitor built in
2.318.200 Ptas. 13.932,66 Euro 1.983
  Distributed in Spain by Micpe
Very hard to find



What the icons meant?




First personal computer with a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) Operative System, it used windows, pointers, icons, mouse, etc., it was a tremendous business failure in part due to it high price and because it wasn´t compatible with Apple II, Apple released an improved version, Lisa 2, but it wasn´t neither a sucessfully machine, at last Apple rebuild the computer and maked it Macintosh compatible and released as Macintosh XL.


A huge stock of non selling machines were buried in a Nevada desert.

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