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EXL 100


Technical Characteristics

1.984 1.98?
??? x ??? x ?? mm.
?.??? gr.
Texas Instruments TMS 7020 @ 4,9 Mhz. 8 bits

Texas Instruments TMS 3556 Video

Texas Instruments TMS 7041 Comunications

Texas Instruments TMS 5220 Sound and voice synthesizer

Texas Instruments TAL 004 Logical matrix

ROM 8 Kb. BASIC in 32 Kb. external cartridge
RAM 4 Kb.

Texas Instruments TMS 3556 Video

320 x 250 Graphic mode

25 x 40 Text mode

8 colours pallette

Texas Instruments TMS 5220 Sound and voice synthesizer
61 keys professional type. Good. Infrared conection
640 Kb.
Cassette, RGB, serie RS232, cartridges, JoySticks (2), terminal connector, memory expansion
EXL-135, 16 Kb. Exelmemory, EXL-80 dot matrix printer, Exeldrums, Exelmodem, interfaces expansion box, monitor
79.?500 Ptas. / 477,80 Euros 1.985 Monocrome m onitor
  Distributed in Spain by El Corte Inglés, S.A.
Very difficult to find



What the icons meant?



The original computer price, 477,80 Euros, included, as you can see in this photo, the main unit, keyboard, two joysticks, cassette, BASIC ROM Cartridge, six programs and one demo tape.

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