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Apple 1


Apple 1 in a wooden case with keyboard

View a big Apple 1 motherboard photo, as served by Apple


Technical Characteristics

Apple Computer Company
United States
1.976 1.97?
??? x ??? x ?? mm.
?? Kgr.
Mos 6502 @ ? Mhz. 8 bits
ROM ?? Kb.
RAM 4 Kb. 32 Kb. internally upgradable, 64 Kb. externally upgradable

24 x 40 Text mode, without graphics mode


Without sound
Without built in keyboard
1.500 Bauds Rate
Cassette, video and expansion connector
Propietary, BASIC in tape

666,66 US$ 1.976

Original USA price

  Not distributed in Spain
Very difficult to find
  View an original Apple 1 USA advertisement




What the icons meant?



This computer never become available in Spain, it was only available in the USA, and only 1.500 units were made, actually only 200 outlast in the world, basically because when Apple launch the Apple II make a offer to his customers of two Apple 1 for one new Apple II and later Apple destroyed the motherboards; it´s practically impossible to find one in trade today, in the last Apple 1 put up for public auction the biggest bidder pay 50000 US$ for one of this. The computer were sold mounted in a wood case with a keyboard, just like in the upper photography, but Apple only sell the main board, the rest of the computer, case, keyboard, power supply, etc., were mounted by the users or the computers shops.


You may notice that the company logo it wasn´t the bit apple, it was a Newton draw under a famous tree, you can see it in the upper photography in the beginning of this page.


The originally USA price, 666,66$, it wasn´t nothing satanic or diabolic, Steve Wozniak said, it was only a casuality. :-)

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