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Technical Characteristics

Apple Computer Incorporated
United States
1.986 September 1.992 December
??? x ??? x ??? mm.
?? Kgr.
Western Design Center 65SC816 @ 2,8 Mhz. 16 bits

Ensoniq 5503 Digital Oscillator. Sound

LSI Chip IWM (Integrated Woz Machine)

ROM 128 Kb. Upgradable to 1 Mb.

ROM 256 Kb. Upgradable to 1 Mb. in a posterior version

RAM 256 Kb. Upgradable to 8 Mb.

RAM 1 Mb. Upgradable to 8 Mb. in a posterior version

Text mode:

24 x 80

Graphics mode:

320 x 200 x 8 colours

640 x 200 x 2 colours

16 colours pallette

Ensoniq 5503 Digital Oscillator. 8 bit Stereo, 15 voices, 64 Kb. RAM.
80 keys professional type. Very Good. ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) connector
  Standard mouse with one button, ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) connector
143 Kb. 800 Kb. SCSI ?? Mb.
Video, serie (2), ADB and seven expansion slots
  Apple DOS IIgs
  143 Kb. 5,25" disk drive, 800 Kb. 3,5" disk drive, printers (dot matrix, thermal, daisy wheel and plotters)
  Apple II compatible
???.??? Ptas. ?.???,?? Euro 1.98?
  Not distributed in Spain
Very hard to find



What the icons meant?




Last Apple II line computer developed by Apple, totally compatible with it, last computer developed by Steve Wozniack, some units were launched in a special edition (Apple IIgs Special Edition) with Steve Wozniack signature in the case.

The CPU, Western Design Center 65SC816, is a 16 bits chip totally compatible with the MOS 6502, software developed for Apple II is compatible with Apple IIgs.

It was the first personal computer with a LSI (Large Scale Integration) chip built in, it was called IWM (Integrated Wozniack Machine) and it replaced a galore of chips in the mother board.

The sound chip, Ensoniq 5503 Digital Oscillator, was the best sound chip found in any computer for a long time, better than sound chips found in Macintosh or Amiga.

The gs mean graphic station, either the graphics quality isn´t better than Apple IIe and even worse than Amiga graphics.

This computer wasn´t distributed in Spain, only in United States and there it was a great success, compete in sales with Atari and Amiga 16 bits computers.

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