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Box 133



Technical characteristics

Be, Incorporated
United States
1.996 July 1.997
??? x ??? x ?? mm.
?? Kgr.
2 x Motorola PowerPC 603s @ 133 Mhz. 32 bits.

  MPC 105 Memory control and PCI bridge

Intel 82378 ISA bridge

NCR 53C810 SCSI controller

8042 Keyboard

ROM 128 Kb.
RAM 16 Mb. Internally upgradable to 256 Mb. 8 SIMMS sockets

Number Nine GXE64 PCI Graphics Card

1.280 x 1.024

Millions colours pallette, 24 bits.

16 bits, stereo CODEC 48 Khz.
102 / 104 professional keys. Good. 5 pins 180 degree DIN connector, PC / AT type
  Standard two bottons mouse, 6 pins mini DIN connector, PS / 2 type
1,44 Mb. IDE or SCSI ??? Mb.
Audio, video (SVGA 15 pins HD), Serie (4), parallel, JoyStick (2), MIDI (2), infrared (3), 3 PCI slots and 5 ISA, IDE, SCSI, GeekPort (expansion port)
BeOs v1.0

3.000 US$ Julio 1.996

Original USA price

  Not distributed in Spain
Very difficult to find



What the icons meant?



This was the only computer made by Be Inc., from 1.997 they did only software and make Pentium and PowerPC versions of the BeOS (at present version 5 for Pentium and 4.5 for PowerPC ). Be Inc. was founded by Jean Louis Gassée, an ex-directive of Apple Coimputers, and originally PowerPC version runs on Macintosh compatibles computers like Power Computing one´s. This Operative System almost was chosen by Amiga, when Gateway owns it, for their next generation computers, but finally Amiga choose QNX, but at last this was rejected by the new and actually owners of Amiga.

Be Inc. quoted at NASDAQ with tick BEOS

In 2.001 August Be Inc. was sell to Palm Computers, famous by their handhelds computers.

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