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Technical characteristics

Commodore Business Machines
United States
1.98? 1.98?
404 x 216 x 75 mm.
1.820 gr.
MOS 8500 @ 1Mhz. 8 bits

MOS 8565R2 VIC II Video Interface Chip, video and sprites

MOS 8580R5 SID Sound Interface Device, sound

2 x MOS 6526A CIA Complex Interface Adapter, ports, casette, clock

ROM 20 Kb. BASIC and Operative System inclusive
RAM 64 Kb.


320 x 200 Graphic mode

25 x 40 Text mode

16 colours palette

MOS 8580R5 SID 3 voices plus one noise
66 keys professional type. Very good
  Optional mouse model 1351
170 Kb. ??? Kb.
Cassette, television, RGB, serie RS232, cartridges, JoySticks (2), and terminal connector
Propietary, optionally GEOS
Cassette C2N 1530, 5,25" disk drives 1540 1541 1571, 3,5" disk drive 1581, monitor 1701, mouse 1351
??.??? Ptas. / ???,?? Euros 1.98?
  Not distributed in Spain
Hard to find


What the icons meant?



This computer is identical internally to the C=64G, it has a white keyboard but the case is the brown originally C=64. This model was a special edition made by Commodore Germany to be distributed in a German shopping centers ALDI, the computer take it´s name from this Shopping Centers.

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