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Technical Characteristics

Commodore Business Machines
United States
1.984 1.98?
338 x 203 x 67 mm.
??? gr.
MOS 7501 @ 0,9 Mhz. / 1,76 Mhz. 8 bits

MOS 7360 "TED" TExt Display Video

Synertek 6551A @ 2 Mhz. ACIA

MOS 6529B @ 3 Mhz. SPI (Single Port Interface)

ROM 64 Kb. BASIC, Operative System and four applications programs inclusive
RAM 64 Kb.

MOS 7360 "TED"

320 x 200 Graphic mode

25 x 40 Text mode

16 colours with eight bright levels pallette, 128 colours

Two voices or one voice plus one noise
67 keys professional type. Very good
170 Kb.
Casette, television, RGB, RS232, cartridgess, JoySticks (2) plus/4 specific and terminal connector
Propietary, optionally GEOS
Casette 1531, 5,25" disk drive 1551
??.??? Ptas. / ???,?? Euros 1.98?
  Distributed by Microelectrónica y control
Difficult to find



What the icons meant?



This computer was launched to sustitute the C=64, but even with a best (7501) and double velocity CPU, four applications programs in ROM (spreadsheet, word processing, database and graphics), graphics with more colours at the same time in screen (128 simultaneous colours), it was several disvantages, it hasn´t sprites, it was a worst audio capabilities than the C=64 was (it was only two voices or one voice and one noise and the C=64 was three voices plus one noise), you can´t use the joysticks or casette for the C=64 with the plus/4, but you can use the C=64 disks drives, and the most important thing, it was incompatible with the C=64 software. All of this become in a poor sales and Commodore stop the production of the computer and make a C=64 compatible one, the C=64c.


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