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Dragon 32



Technical Characteristics

Dragon Data Ltd.
England (Walles)
1.982 December 1.98?
380 x 325 x 97 mm.
2,1 Kgr.
Motorola 6809E @ 1 Mhz. 8 bits

Motorola 6849 Video

Motorola 6821 x 2 PIA (Peripherical Interface Adapter) Input / Output

ROM 16 Kb. Microsoft BASIC and Operative System inclusive
RAM 32 Kb.

Motorola 6849 Video

Graphics modes

128 x 96 x 4

256 x 192 x 2

Text mode

16 x 32

8 colors pallette

One voice
53 keys professional type. Good
175 Kb.
Casette, television, RGB, serie RS232, joystick, printer and terminal connector
Propietary, optionally OS 9
5,25" disk drive
75.350 Ptas. / 452,86 Euros 1.983
  Distributed in Spain by IDS, S.A., Informática y Desarrollos de Sistemas, S.A.
Hard to find
  Advertisement published in MUY Interesante Especial Ordenadores #1 1983


What the icons meant?



Computer launched in England, 1982 December, by company Dragon Data Ltd. with the support of toys manufacturer Mettoy, Welsh Development Agency and Prudential Group.

It was a relative sucesfully in England because it was compatible with Tandy computers, in fact so many people said that Dragon was a copy of Tandy models, in Spain it wasn´t any sucessfully, eclipsed by Spectrum and Commodore 64 computers. it was a very limited hardware to be considereded a good game machine, it hasn´t sprites, the graphic mode only offer two colors in high resolution (256 x 192), and it has only one voice sound controled by CPU, as a serious machine it has a limited text mode with only 16 rows by 40 colummns, insufficient for a serious normal work although it has a 175 Kb. 5,25" disk drive in option.

This model was sustituted by Dragon 64.

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