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AIM 65

Advanced Interactive Microcomputer



Technical characteristics

1.98? 1.98?
292 x 267 x 60 mm.
??? gr.
MOS 6502 @ ? Mhz. 8 bits
ROM 4 Kb. BASIC and Operative System inclusive, upgradable to 20 Kb.
RAM 4 Kb. upgradable to 20 Kb.
This computer don´t have monitor or television plugs, the visualization consist in a 20 characters LED display mounted in the computer, just like you can see in the photo
Without sound
53 keys professioal type. Very good
optionally ??? Kb.
Two expansion connectors
Expansion chasis for 4, 8 or 16 boards
  Microprinter built-in the motherboard, computer without case
??.??? Ptas. / ??,?? Euros 1.98?
  Not distributed in the Spanish State
Very difficult to find


What the icons meant?



This computer didn´t be distributed in the Spanish State, it´s a investigation and experimentation computer not a traditional computer.

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