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ZX 80




Technical characteristics

Sinclair Research Ltd.
1980 February 1980 December
??? x ??? x ?? mm.
??? gr.
Zilog Z80 @ 1 Mhz. 8 bits
ROM 4 Kb. BASIC and Operative System inclusive
RAM 1 Kb.

32 x 24 Text

64 x 44 Graphics

Black and white

Without sound
40 keys membrane type. Very bad
Casette, television and terminal connector
16 Kb. expansion memory
??.??? Ptas. / ???,?? Euros 1.98?
  Distributed in Spain by Investrónica S.A.
Very difficult to find


What the icons meant?



This was the first computerlaunched by Sinclair, it was selled to mount in kit form, like an Apple I, and Sinclair selled 70.000 units, that mean that is a computer that you can find in second hand in Internet auctions sites like eBay or Ibazar.

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