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Jupiter Ace



Technical characteristics

Jupiter Cantab Ltd.
1.98? 1.98?
215 x 190 x 30 mm.
246 gr.
Zilog Z80A @ 1 Mhz. 8 bits
ROM 8 Kb. BASIC and Operative System inclusive
RAM 3 Kb. upgradable to 51 Kb.

32 x 24 Text mode

64 x 48 Graphics mode

Black and white

Without specific hardware, one voice, speaker built-in
40 keys membrane type. Very bad
Cassette, television, expansion memory connector and terminal connector
16 Kb. expansion memory
??.??? Ptas. / ??,?? Euros 1.98?
  Distributed in Spain by Sushiro Data
Muy dificil de encontrar



What the icons meant?



This computer was designed by the same crew that designed the ZX 81 and ZX Spectrum for Sinclair, for that reason externally this computer looks like a ZX 81, the white case is of the same type of the ZX 80, some ZX 81 peripherals can be used with the Jupiter with an adapter.

Home > Company > Jupiter Cantab > Jupiter Ace

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