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Inves Spectrum +. Características técnicas

Investronica Sistemas, S.A.
1986 December 1987
319 x 149 x 38 mm.
??? gr.
Zilog Z80A @ 3,5 Mhz. 8 bits
  ULA ( Unconmmited Logic Array) Texas Instruments
ROM 16 Kb. BASIC and Operative System inclusive
RAM 48 Kb.

ULA Texas Instruments

32 x 24 Texto

256 x 192 Gráficos

8 colors with two brightness

ULA Texas Instruments. One voice, speaker built-in
45 keys membrane type. Very bad
optionally Microdrives
Cassette, television, joystick and terminal connector
ZX Interface 1, ZX Interface 2, ZX Microdrive, ZX Printer.
19900 Ptas. / 119,60 Euros 1986 December
Distributed in Spain by Investrónica S.A.
Hard to find

  View Inves Spectrum+ advertisement, published in Micromania #16 1986 December

View official Inves Spectrum + brochure published by Investronica


What the icons meant?



This computer was designed by Spanish Sinclair Computers distributir, Investronica, when Sinclair was bought by Amstrad and the distribution of all Sinclair and Amstrad models was taken by Spanish Amstrad distributor, Indescomp, later become Amstrad España. Investronica was designed Spectrum 128 Kb. for Sinclair on 1985, model designed in Spain and selled in Spain a few months after than United Kingdom.

To avoid Copyrights problems, the Inves model have a kempston joystick connector, and an ULA designed by Texas Instruments instead the Ferranti Sinclair models.

This computer hasn´t a sucesfully because in 1986 you can bought computers with 128Kb., like Amstrad CPC 6128 or C=128, and the first 16 bits computers start to appear, Atari 520, Amiga 500. But the price 120 Euros was a incredible low price for that time.


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